Wunderkind Login / Signup UX Win

I used Wunderlist as a GTD tool when it first made its iOS appearance.  That lasted about a week before I reverted back to my default task management tool – my (really, really bad) memory.  Suffice it to say, when it showed up on the Mac App Store as a featured app this week, I decided to give it another go.

I’m not going to give any kind of review of the app, or the service (but, I have to say, if you’re looking for a way to keep all your tasks in sync across all your devices, this has to be the cheapest way — it’s free).  I wanted to point out a nice UX feature of the website — the single signup / login form:

Already have a Wunderlist login? Great, use it.  Don’t have one yet? Just enter your email address in the same field.  Also, I’m personally a fan of allowing Facebook login for those potential users who are a little queasy about setting up another account with a another service.

Anyways, props to 6wunderkinder for the great app and simple login experience.  See it for yourself here.