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Wunderkind Login / Signup UX Win

I used Wunderlist as a GTD tool when it first made its iOS appearance.  That lasted about a week before I reverted back to my default task management tool – my (really, really bad) memory.  Suffice it to say, when it showed up on the Mac App Store as a featured app this week, I decided to give it another go.

I’m not going to give any kind of review of the app, or the service (but, I have to say, if you’re looking for a way to keep all your tasks in sync across all your devices, this has to be the cheapest way — it’s free).  I wanted to point out a nice UX feature of the website — the single signup / login form:

Already have a Wunderlist login? Great, use it.  Don’t have one yet? Just enter your email address in the same field.  Also, I’m personally a fan of allowing Facebook login for those potential users who are a little queasy about setting up another account with a another service.

Anyways, props to 6wunderkinder for the great app and simple login experience.  See it for yourself here.

This Week in Twitter [Updated]

It’s been a big week for twitter, with some official (an unofficial) announcements:

  1. Yesterday, the introduction of the official Follow button (which you can conveniently try out in my footer).  This is iFramed out, just like the Tweet button, which allows for more information to be displayed — in this case, the number of followers.

    As an aside, I’ll be writing a post at the end of the week about how to make these iFramed buttons work correctly on AJAXed sites

  2. Today, we got the official announcement of native photo support and revamped search, active now on Twitter.com and coming soon to devices. This sparked an interesting debate I stumbled upon regarding the archiving process of tweets and their accessibility in search (quick summary: they’re not there, because it’s too hard right now, but maybe they will be there sometime):
  3. Along the lines of the twitter photo integration, there have been rumors floating around this week that twitter functionality will be fully baked into iOS5, bringing its social media sharing capibilities more inline with what we see in Windows Phone 7 or HP’s WebOS.

Whichever way it goes with iOS integration, it’s nice to see twitter taking hold of its own platform.

Update 6/2/2011: ArsTechnica puts the new Follow button to good use on the Twitter page on their site