Site Redesign Features

A redesign of my personal site has been long overdue, but I finally got the inspiration, motivation and the time to give the site a much-needed overhaul. Here’s what’s new:

  • Backend completely powered by WordPress, using a custom post type for my web development portfolio and traditional posts for the blog/linked list.
  • Linked list functionality achieved by custom post meta data, giving any traditional post the ability to not only have a source link, but have that source link be the default link for the post. I’ll write a post about that sometime soon!
  • A complete visual redesign. CSS3 everywhere, AJAX-ified for a more fun experience, and just all around easier on the eyes. I even threw in some webkit keyframe animations, so if you’re not using a webkit brewer, make sure to check it out in one (use the contact form to email me and you’ll see!).
  • A real photo portfolio, grabbing my photos from flickr and spitting them out on my site in a pretty neat way. On the photo page, you can not only see when and where the photo was taken, but you’re given a download link so you can use the image as your background without having to drudge through flickr.