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Moo Cards!

I got me some Moo Cards!

They’re really great quality for the price and quantity, and their online tools are a pleasure to use.  My favorite feature: it’ll grab all your photos Flickr (and you can sort by album), so no need to waste time uploading – just select your photos, create your layouts, and your done.

My (first) order was just 50 to test the quality – color me impressed. Really pleased with how they came out.  I’m totally digging the rounded corners!

If you want to order some of your own, please use my referral link (and hey, you’ll save yourself 10% in the process!)

Site Redesign Features

A redesign of my personal site has been long overdue, but I finally got the inspiration, motivation and the time to give the site a much-needed overhaul. Here’s what’s new:

  • Backend completely powered by WordPress, using a custom post type for my web development portfolio and traditional posts for the blog/linked list.
  • Linked list functionality achieved by custom post meta data, giving any traditional post the ability to not only have a source link, but have that source link be the default link for the post. I’ll write a post about that sometime soon!
  • A complete visual redesign. CSS3 everywhere, AJAX-ified for a more fun experience, and just all around easier on the eyes. I even threw in some webkit keyframe animations, so if you’re not using a webkit brewer, make sure to check it out in one (use the contact form to email me and you’ll see!).
  • A real photo portfolio, grabbing my photos from flickr and spitting them out on my site in a pretty neat way. On the photo page, you can not only see when and where the photo was taken, but you’re given a download link so you can use the image as your background without having to drudge through flickr.